Diamond-Clarity Consultants has been formed by a group of highly experienced professionals who have a passion for leading and supporting businesses. As you will see from the Team page our expertise is varied and we all have large professional networks to call upon as required. Often, business problems can be solved by a phone call and we encourage our customers to use us as a sounding board.

At times businesses require limited professional support to achieve specific targets; fund raising, strategic review, Board restructuring and market review. Where possible we will support you with one of our unique products or, alternatively, on an agreed assignment basis. Whatever the nature of our engagement it is important that you understand the commitment you have made to us and the result you should expect.

We have designed and developed tools that through the simplicity of their presentation provide an easy means of keeping you connected with the fundamental drivers of your business and goals. By listening and understanding how you see the performance of your business we help to bring direction and clarity to your business strategy. We believe your success is predicated on ensuring the business fundamentals of your business are functioning correctly.

Our approach is holistic, looking across the entity to understand what has driven our initial findings about your business. We rely on you to tell us about your business, you and your team know it best and therefore should be heard and understood. Making the obvious connections are always obvious with the benefit of hindsight but are difficult to see under the pressure of running a business in today’s World.

Having identified areas of concern we will work with you to identify the means to resolve them. In some instances you will have your preferred supplier whereas in other situations we hope you will choose to work with us. Our work is results based so that you can measure the benefit of our engagement. Our consultants are driven to give you the best advice and support to achieve your business goal.

We hope that you will enjoy working with us!

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