Customer Feedback

Tim Luft, CEO VR Simulation Systems Ltd

I found the process simple and it did not take long to complete. The presentation of the results in diagrammatic form is very good. Big concepts were presented in a very manageable fashion. The findings and recommendations were very helpful in focusing the management team on the issues that need addressing. It has made us rethink some of our processes and we are looking forward to redoing the exercise in six months time.

Jake Buckland, CEO Protu Technology Limited

The BF diamond took myself and my partner around five minutes to complete, it was evident from the visual result that we had clear differences in where our startup was heading and the progress that we had made.

We've been using the BF diamond in our ongoing process to help manage our progress and create accountability in everything we do, overall it's been hugely useful and it’s becoming integral to our business's success.

Mark Aspinall Founder, Director Extremis Technology Limited

The BF Diamond very succinctly encapsulates all the key business fundamentals and has helped us with Brian's direction to really drive the business forward this year.

Paul Bubb Managing Director - NET LED LIGHTING LIMITED

Completing the BF Diamond survey was quick and proved to be a great tool for establishing the framework of the consultancy agreement with Brian, although some of the results were very different for each director, this could have been as a result of directors having different interpretations. Overall, the Board found the visual representation of the BF Diamond captured all the key issues facing NET LED at the moment. The session with Diamond-Clarity discussing the BF Diamond was open, honest and energetic and helped shape our strategy going forward which we are currently in the process of implementing.