PI Index

The PI Index has been chosen by Diamond-Clarity Consultants as its reflects the ease of use that we believe is so important in our products:

  • Simple process
  • Time - efficient
  • Accessible on-line
  • Quick feedback of results
  • Provides business leaders with actionable observations

More about the product

The PI Index gives insight into both the instinctive behaviours of a person and how they have adapted to a particular environment for good or for bad. This insight is drawn from a simple, science-based assessment of the four core drivers;

Understanding how the core drivers interact within an individual enables a framework of workplace behaviours to be created. Using this framework you are able to assess how a candidate will respond to the current situation facing your business. Alternatively, the addition of the Learning Indicator offers a strong tool for predicting success in a new post, especially suitable for ambiguous, change and digital environments.